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The ECAC is proud to announce its Esports Academic Honorees for the Spring 2023 Semester. To be eligible, each honoree must carry a grade point average of 3.2 or higher for the semester.

A total of 133 student-athletes from 13 different universities and colleges are being recognized for their success in the classroom.

Post University finished with a strong 25 students with Husson University adding 23 students, followed by University of Delaware with 17, and St. Mary’s University with 16 students. Saint Peter’s University added 13 Augustana College were right on their tail with 10 students respectively. Catawba College with 8, Lycoming College with 7, Mount Saint Mary’s University with 6, North Carolina Wesleyan University with 2, Buffalo State University, Saint Francis University, & Clarke University with 1.

Member School                                                                    Honoree

Augustana College Ryan Kammerzell
Augustana College Quinby Dahl
Augustana College Bill Unyi
Augustana College Estephanos Jebessa
Augustana College Eddie Pedrote
Augustana College Ethan Chiu
Augustana College Andrew Johns
Augustana College Amanda Mederich
Augustana College Zach Scherrer
Augustana College Joey Ruffatto
Buffalo State University Samuel Hellert
Catawba College Kirill Camp
Catawba College Dawson Brown
Catawba College William "Billy" Long
Catawba College Kyle Rock
Catawba College Annie Barnhill
Catawba College Zac Smith
Catawba College Sebastion Olvera
Catawba College Matthew Peeler
Clarke University Jacob Schemmel
Husson University Brent Thomes
Husson University Garrett Munson
Husson University Robert Brown III
Husson University Jacob Brown
Husson University Rebekah Herrin
Husson University Bee Bungert
Husson University Aiden Eckhardt
Husson University Richard Orgill
Husson University Brock Davis
Husson University Steve Pardave
Husson University Alex Goulet
Husson University Rin Gately
Husson University Andrew Austin-Stacey
Husson University Joey Koenig
Husson University Sarah MacKinlay
Husson University Liam Doran
Husson University Lance Daigle
Husson University Nicholas Blethen
Husson University James Ingwersen
Husson University Tyler Proulx
Husson University Luke Furtek
Husson University Benjamin Snow
Husson University Griffin Reed
Lycoming College Cameron Myers
Lycoming College Remley Nance
Lycoming College Dylan McGowan
Lycoming College Dustin Zumba
Lycoming College Cristian Plancarte
Lycoming College Drew Hines
Lycoming College Brenden Smith
Mount Saint Mary's Colin Sipe
Mount Saint Mary's University Mahmoud Youssef
Mount Saint Mary's University Elggy Granados
Mount Saint Mary's University Denis Mencia
Mount Saint Mary's University Matthew Mercado
Mount Saint Mary's University Joshua Cella
North Carolina Wesleyan University Alex Mason
North Carolina Wesleyan University Daniel Mayorido-Alvarez
Post University Nicholas Laferte
Post University Bill Koch
Post University Anon Rowland
Post University Jordan Henry Pabon
Post University John Chavarria
Post University Luis Dominguez
Post University Kenneth Rodriguez
Post University Brian Klebanski
Post University Kenshiro Suzuki
Post University Andrew Theriault
Post University Alexander Pannoni
Post University Adam Pepin
Post University John Arciszewski
Post University Matthew Solomon
Post University Joseph Stasik
Post University Gerald Sanders Jr
Post University Kelvin Mizhquiri
Post University Hailey Aeppli
Post University Krystal Santiago
Post University Christian Ramirez
Post University Shamar Lawson
Post University Ruofan Zhang
Post University Ryan Holland
Post University Sean Morrow
Post University Jonathan Martin
Saint Francis University Ethan Walker
Saint Peter's University Deivian Paulino
Saint Peter's University Eric Rosado
Saint Peter's University Jael Concepcion
Saint Peter's University Jackeline Barranzuela
Saint Peter's University Leonardo Andrade
Saint Peter's University Christopher Goya
Saint Peter's University Jazmine Galang
Saint Peter's University Erik Maldonado
Saint Peter's University Freddy Fernandez
Saint Peter's University Chanel Herrera
Saint Peter's University Courtney Hymes, Jr.
Saint Peter's University Nabil Hernandez
Saint Peter's University Clarisse Moreno
St. Mary's University (Texas) Sebastian Gonzalez Vilcarromero
St. Mary's University (Texas) Elizabeth Moralez
St. Mary's University (Texas) Marshal Davis
St. Mary's University (Texas) Olivia DeSilvester
St. Mary's University (Texas) Alexander Small
St. Mary's University (Texas) David Kamel
St. Mary's University (Texas) Ana Loza
St. Mary's University (Texas) Gabriel Lopez
St. Mary's University (Texas) Aaron Lozano
St. Mary's University (Texas) Alexandra Mancillas
St. Mary's University (Texas) Jett Nicolet
St. Mary's University (Texas) Carolina Pinales
St. Mary's University (Texas) Carlos Tami
St. Mary's University (Texas) Douglas Berine
St. Mary's University (Texas) Angelina DeSilvester
St. Mary's University (Texas) Esmeralda Gomez
University of Delaware Tyler "TurtleCapton" O'Keefe
University of Delaware Carter McCabe
University of Delaware Christopher Sullivan
University of Delaware Zachary Witte
University of Delaware Leslie Ware
University of Delaware Cole McCaleb
University of Delaware Debraj Bhowmik
University of Delaware Ray Yang
University of Delaware Steven Tuin
University of Delaware Emmanuel Mbah
University of Delaware Kerry Ferguson
University of Delaware Jonathan Adams
University of Delaware Ethan Stoecker
University of Delaware Siddharth Lokula
University of Delaware Kimberly Marks
University of Delaware Matthew Maliwanag
University of Delaware Thomas Pelosi
University of Delaware Herissa Monsalud
University of Delaware Riley Hazel
University of Delaware Hunter Rosenbaum